Welcome to #SweatNation Netherlands

Launched on June 3rd, 2018, Sweatcoin is now available in the Netherlands. We recommend that you sign-up for Sweatcoin in the Netherlands immediately. 

Why the push to sign-up today? We have listed a couple of reasons.

  1. No time like today to start walking more. The benefits of additional outdoor exercise are well know. Not to mention the benefits to the environment vs. driving.
  2. Being an early adopter of the Sweatcoin App in your country gives you  more opportunities to introduce your friends and family to Sweatcoin. Each install made by your introduction will earn you 5 SWC (Sweatcoin).
  3. The sooner you start earning and collecting SWC, the sooner you will be cashing them in for products or selling them for cash.

Sweatcoin Rewards in The Netherlands?

Save, Spend, Donate Sweatcoin

Just updated: A new Sweatcoin Reward Marketplace has opened for App users in The Netherlands. Is Sweden or Denmark next?

Sweatco LTD., the company that owns and operates the Sweatcoin App, began operations in 2015 with the blockchain expanded use concepts in 2017. Sweatcoin as a potential currency is very much in its infancy. 

You can spend your Sweatcoin on the in-app offers. While these started out mostly as discounts and introductory type offers the quality has improved greatly over the last year. We find more and more main stream company offerings for full payment in Sweatcoin, often with free shipping.

Others are saving their Sweatcoin for the potential that blockchain may offer. Allowing Sweatcoin to freely be converted in to Dollars, Pounds, other fiat currencies or Bitcoin on an open market.

The majority of people do not fall in to either category. They enjoy the competition or gamification of collecting   Sweatcoin as a measure of success against their in-app followers. Most are not familiar with Cryptocurrency or don't accumulate enough to find any interesting offers. Friend us in the Sweatcoin App.


Cybercurrency or Cryptocurrency

Is Sweatcoin a Cryptocurrency? The simple answer is not yet. At present time we would call Sweatcoin a cybercurrency. The coins earned can only be used to either purchase rewards in the app or traded in private transactions (Buy and Sell). The founders of the company have announced that they plan to move sweatcoin to blockchain. Blockchain is the same technology used to power bitcoin. When this technology move happens, Sweatcoin will become a Cryptocurrency. Once on blockchain, Sweatcoin will trade freely and be usable at many more merchants. The future is bright for those willing to earn and save.

Details and Disclosure

The owner and publisher of this website is neither an owner or employee of SweatCo LTD. We receive compensation in the form of Sweatcoin for referring new users to the Sweatcoin app. Once you install the app on your iPhone or Android you will have the same opportunity for compensation for referring your friends and contacts.