Can I Donate My Sweatcoin

Some common questions and comments we receive:

  • "I like the idea of being able to do some good with the Sweatcoin I earn from my workout. What can I do with them besides spending on the available offers?" 
  • "Is there a Charity where I can donate my earned Sweatcoin?"
  • "Have any organizations began accepting Sweatcoin as donations?"
  • "Is there a children's health charity that can use my earned sweatcoin?"
  • "If there are no offers I'm interested in on the sweat coin app can I donate my sweat coin?"
  • "Are you aware of a Sweatcoin account that is run by an organization helping children?"

Sweatcoin Club is here to support members of the Sweatcoin community or as its become known on Twitter and Instagram #SweatNation. Sweatcoin Club is collecting donations of Sweatcoin only. That sweatcoin is converted to cash or used to purchase items available in the app that benefit Children, specifically health and nutrition. We are have found many sweatcoin app users do not accumulate enough cybercurrency to purchase items. Also, many users want to support something good with their free exercise earnings. If we can not find a worthy not-for-profit to accept Sweatcoin, we have established a Sweatcoin account for the purpose of receiving and distributing Sweatcoin donations.  As Parents and Exercise enthusiasts we are actively seeking an organization that focuses on Health and Wellness of Children. 

More information on Charities and Organizations that accept Sweatcoin will be provided as they become available. Please consider sending your sweatcoin to *SWC Account: En_Espanol

*Donation Account Not Affiliated with Sweatco LTD (Sweatcoin)

What can I do with my Sweatcoin?

Save, Spend, Donate Sweatcoin

Sweatco LTD., the company that owns and operates the Sweatcoin App, began operations in 2015 with the blockchain expanded use concepts in 2017. Sweatcoin as a potential currency is very much in its infancy. 

You can spend your Sweatcoin on the in-app offers. While these started out mostly as discounts and introductory type offers the quality has improved greatly over the last year. We find more and more main stream company offerings for full payment in Sweatcoin, often with free shipping.

Others are saving their Sweatcoin for the potential that blockchain may offer. Allowing Sweatcoin to freely be converted in to Dollars, Pounds or Bitcoin on an open market.

The majority of people do not fall in to either category. They enjoy the competition or gamification of collecting   Sweatcoin as a measure of success against their in-app followers. Most are not familiar with Cryptocurrency or don't accumulate enough to find any interesting offers.

We hope that those folks are willing to donate their Sweatcoin to a fund created to finding uses that go to the benefit of Childrens Nutrition and Health.

How will be use the Sweatcoin collected. One of two will happen with every donated sweat coins. We will find vendors who will accept Sweatcoin for payment of supplies and services. We will convert the Sweatcoin to US Dollars and spend that money to benefit Health and Nutrition programs for children. 

Some people decide that Sweatcoin is just not an app that they are going to get value from. Before you delete the app, take a minute to send them to us. If you delete the app and forget about your earned Sweatcoin they just sit worthless. Do some good with your sweat coin.

Donate your Sweatcoin by Sending to Account Name: En_Espanol

*The  sweatcoin donation account is NOT affiliated with SweatCo ltd. 

What Can I do with my Sweatcoins?

What Can I do with my Sweatcoins?

Details and Disclosure

The owner and publisher of this website is neither an owner or employee of SweatCo LTD. We receive compensation in the form of Sweatcoin for referring new users to the Sweatcoin app. Once you install the app on your iPhone or Android you will have the same opportunity for compensation for referring your friends and contacts.