Sweatcoin to CAD

Are you looking to sell or buy Sweatcoin? Currently there is no public marketplace to trade Sweatcoin. When the Sweatco announced move to blockchain occurs, we believe there will be a public market to trade and convert sweatcoin to fiat currencies. These will likely include US Dollar, Canadian Dollar (CAD), Pound and Euro. Sweatcoin Club does sell and buy Sweatcoin in US Dollars. We do all transactions through paypal, so we they will convert to local currency but it is rather expensive. If you are looking for a quote on Sweatcoin, you can use our contact form on our Buy and Sell page. Please specify your country in the contact form. It will be easier to set a fair price if we know Sweatcoin to CAD, Sweatcoin to Dollar, Sweatcoin to Euro, etc.

Install Sweatcoin in Canada

Sweatcoin in Canada

The Sweatcoin App has Launched

Exciting news to share with the Sweatcoin Club community. On April 2nd, 2018 Sweatco launched the Sweatcoin App in Canada  just in time for Spring. We encourage our Canadian friends to download and install sweatcoin today. As the app continues to see user growth, our expectation is that sweatcoin will be moved to a block-chain. This will greatly increase the value of the cybercurrency you already own. Start earning your sweatcoin today. There are unique rewards when Sweatcoin is downloaded by Canadian citizens. You will also find PayPal cards paid in CAD and giftcards from Amazon and other popular retailers. These rewards can be purchased with Sweatcoins earned by walking or jogging outside in Canada.

Free Earn for Exercise App

The Sweatcoin App is completely free. You will notice in the App store that Sweatcoin does not have in-app purchases. All purchases and upgrades in the App are paid for with Sweatcoin. Install the App and begin earning Sweatcoin immediately. 

"Next Steps" for Sweat Coin

After months as the #1 App in the Fitness and Exercise category in the UK and US, Sweatco. announced the arrival of Sweatcoin in Canada. Where will we see the app made available next? Since the launch in Canada, we have seen the release in Australia and Europe.

What are we really waiting for (besides the world-wide release)? Blockchain!! The founders have announced that they are working on moving sweatcoin (the cryptocurrency) to Blockchain. This will enable SWC to be used and traded like bitcoin.

Sweatcoin to Blockchain

Sweatcoin legit  - Paid to walk

r/Sweatcoin on Reddit

The front page of the internet, Reddit, has a very busy subreddit at r/Sweatcoin. Often the 1st place with new updates on the "Earn to Walk" App. There are also a number of buyers and sellers of Sweatcoin on the board. Users and activity are growing by the day and continue to follow the Apps international growth.


Sweatcoin Warriors Club - Blockchain info

Another user created group on discordapp gets quite a bit of action and is a great source for learning and sharing information. Don't bother with silly hacks and tricks. These guys take this serious and are not friendly to scammers. This has some of the latest information regarding SWC converting to a blockchain currency. Solid participation from sweatcoin founder and employees.

Sweatcoin Warriors Club

Sweatcoin Video

  • Why Join Sweatcoin
  • Is Sweatcoin a scam? 
  • No Hacks or Cheats
  • The Blockchain / Cybercurrency opportunity emerging from earning Sweatcoin Today.
  • The Long-Term Profit Opportunity
  • Sweatcoin Review

Truly Free Exercise App

Our latest Sweatcoin video below speaks to NO IN-APP Purchases. Free is Free!

Nothing like a video after a "walk"

Timing is Everything

Just a few reasons why NOW is the time to download and install SweatCoin.

  • Today is the PERFECT time to start exercising
  • Additional motivation to get outside - get Paid
  • The SweatCoin market is just forming
  • Sweatcoin has had over 7,000,000 downloads
  • The Sweatcoin app is currently ONLY available in the UK, US and Ireland
  • Countries are currently being added
  • More countries = more users = higher Sweatcoin prices
  • Sweatcoin is moving on to the blockchain = Tradeale currency
  • Real Growth hasn't even begun for this new cybercurrency
  • User growth to come shortly from Australia, Canada, Mexico, EU
  • Sweatcoin soon available in France, Germany, India, China

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The Top Exercise App

Visit the iPhone App Store or Google Play Store for thousands of reviews. Sweatcoin currently has a 4.5 rating on both platforms. Full FAQ section located in the Sweatcoin App. Official Sweatcoin question contact email [email protected]

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Details and Disclosure

The owner and publisher of this website is neither an owner or employee of SweatCo LTD. We receive compensation in the form of Sweatcoin for referring new users to the Sweatcoin app. Once you install the app on your iPhone or Android you will have the same opportunity for compensation for referring your friends and contacts.