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 The "Get Paid to Walk App" - Earn Cryptocurrency

  • Today is the PERFECT time to start exercising. 
  • Additional motivation to get outside by earning Sweatcoins for walking.
  • You earn for any walking you are doing. Walking for Exercise, Work, taking the dog out. You already walk, now you can earn.
  • Earn Sweatcoin before we see the price rise with move to blockchain. We expect a sharp increase in Sweatcoin Value.
  • The Sweatcoin market is just forming. You are earning Sweatcoin prior to the move to blockchain and perhaps an ICO (Initial Coin Offering).
  • Sweatcoin has over 11,000,000 installs. This gives Sweatcoin the largest user-base of any cryptocurrency.
  • Sweatco. handles more transactions than bitcoin on a daily basis.
  • The Sweatcoin app is available in the UK, Ireland, United State, Canada, EU and Australia.
  • Countries are currently being added at around 1 a month. Europe's launch came in June. Sweatcoin in Germany, France and Spain are now live.
  • The Sweatcoin App became #1 in the App stores of Canada and Australia in under 2 weeks from release.
  • Strong referral or affiliate program earning 5 Sweatcoin per referred install.
  • As user count grows, higher Sweatcoin prices will follow.
  • Sweatcoin is moving on to the blockchain and will become a trading currency.
  • Sweatcoin as a cybercurrency is in the beginning stage. Market values are being established. Sweatcoin to USD. Sweatcoin to CAD will soon be available.
  • App will be available in Brazil and Mexico soon. France, Germany, Portugal and Sweden has launched.
  • Sweat coin will ultimately enter both India and China markets. 
  • Sweatcoin in Brazil expected by October
  • Sweatcoin Netherlands is now live
  • Hack to install Sweatcoin in India 
  • Looking forward to the launch in Mexico and Dominican Republic in late 2018

Update: Sweatcoin has become the fastest growing app in the history of the App store. Consider that the competition includes apps like Fitbit and Nike. Install Sweatcoin, invite your friends, earn and save. With the size of the install base, Sweatcoin is poised to become the most used cryptocurrency likely surpassing Bitcoin and Ethereum. Want to start mining Sweatcoin? No technical experience necessary, just get off the couch, go for a walk and start earning. Easy introduction to cryptocurrency and a potential ICO.

Is Sweatcoin Safe

Here's the deal with Sweatcoin being safe. You carry your cell phone everywhere, your location is known by your smartphone service provider and your smartphone operating system maker at the very least. You have already granted access to a dozen+ apps. The app is downloaded directly from the App Store for iPhone or Google Play store for Android phones. The sweat coin app does NOT ask for either a credit card or you Social Security number. So yes.. 

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Why do Companies Accept SweatCoin?

Companies are partnering with SweatCo. and accepting sweatcoin to find new customers. Millions of  people from a desirable demographic are looking at Sweatcoin offers. It's a  great form of advertising for the partners. A type of introductory offer  in most cases. IF Sweatcoin gains in value, the vendors can do  extremely well selling their sweatcoin BUT regardless they got the access to potential new customers who tend to be young and affluent. 

We like many of the Sweatcoin Rewards and have purchased quite a few. Initially we spent our earned Sweatcoins on the in-app rewards. As we continue to follow both the SweatCoin (SWC) market and Sweatco LTD. we have shifted to acquiring and saving our earnings. Not only do we feel that SWC will increase in value but there is no question that they will continue to improve the offerings available in the app. Sweatcoin Value Page. Over time we will see Sweatcoin Money easily transferred either with Paypal or an open and transparent currency exchange. 

Sweatcoin in Europe (EU)


Sweatcoin is available for install in the EU. Including Germany, France, Spain, Italy.

The explosive growth in Sweatcoin App installs is one not often seen. Over the last 6 weeks we have seen 2 new countries launched. The Canadian launch was embraced by both Candian Fitness enthusiasts and no less excited was the acceptance by the Canadian Crypto Currency crowd. The App reached #1 in Canada's App store jin ust shy of 2 weeks. About a week after that we saw an explosive launch in Australia, where Sweatcoin downloads hit #1 in the AU App store in 7 days. One week to hit #1, not just number one in the Exercise and Fitness category but top spot overall. Consider that this means Sweatcoin was installed more often than Facebook, Google, Fortnight and all the rest. We are receiving questions on a daily basis asking if Europe is next. Although we can not confirm, we have heard from a solid source that the EU is the most likely place for the next Sweatcoin launch. We can't wait to see the momentum that fitness and cyber currency enthusiasts in France, Germany, Sweden and Spain will bring to the Sweatcoin (sweetcoin) community. Click below to install Sweatcoin if the App has not launched when you visit, sign-up to receive an email prior to Sweatcoin launching in your country.

Sweatcoin in Canada Now Available

Exciting news to share with the Sweatcoin Club community. On April 2nd, 2018 Sweatco launched the Sweatcoin App in Canada. We encourage our Canadian friends to download and install sweatcoin today. Amazing acceptance and install rates in Canada. Top free exercise App for iPhone in the first 2 weeks after launch. Sweatcoin to CAD price.

Sweatcoin Scam Alert - Double Your Sweatcoin

Anyone who sends you .01 Sweatcoin with a message saying they can double your sweatcoin is lying. There is NO ONE who is going to double the Sweatcoin you send them instantly, in a week or in a month. This is a Scam. Don't respond, don't engage and DO NOT SEND THEM ANYTHING. 

If anyone wants to double my sweatcoin.. please send me as many as you want... and I will send you back 50%. Sounds silly..right.. that's what you're agreeing to in reverse. You will never get your hard earned coins back. Sweatco LTD. can not help you. Oleg and Anton can't help you. You will have thrown away your earnings. If you are not sure about a sweatcoin offer, feel free to contact us and ask. Sometimes an extra set of eyes will help. We are happy to take a look and try to help a club member but we are not perfect. We do not take responsibility if you proceed with any offer outside of the Sweatcoin App. You can be 99.9% sure we will tell you the offer you received is a scam.

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Reddit is know as a top information sharing website. The Sweatcoin subreddit is an active and growing area.

Sweatcoin Warriors Club - Blockchain info

Another user created group on discordapp gets quite a bit of action and is a great source for learning and sharing information. Don't bother with silly hacks and tricks. These guys take this serious and are not friendly to scammers. This has some of the latest information regarding SWC converting to a blockchain currency. Solid participation from sweatcoin founder and employees.

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  • Is Sweatcoin a scam? 
  • No Hacks or Cheats
  • Sweatcoin move to Blockchain
  • Trade able cyber-currency  
  • The Long-Term Profit Opportunity
  • Sweatcoin Review

What country will Sweatcoin launch next

Sweatcoin in China, Japan, Russia?

Where will Sweatcoin launch next?

There is constant speculation regarding which country App store Sweatcoin will arrive next. The most obvious answer would be to go strictly by the chart above. This would put Sweatcoin in China or Japan next but there are of course other factors to consider. These include not only walking rates but language, smartphone usage and crypto-currency acceptance as important factors. It is clear that Sweatco has focused on English speaking countries with the recent launch in Canada and Australia. Our top prediction would be France or Germany as they have higher walking rates than the US, heavy smartphone usage and open markets for blockchain currencies. We can not count out that the founders families are of Russian descent. Perhaps Russia with its active population has a chance. We do not see Sweatcoin in China for quite some time due to the countries rules regarding crypto-currencies and potential push back against Apples iPhone. Japan would be a great country for our favorite "paid to exercise" app. Free Markets, High Activity rates and smartphones in the hands of nearly every Japanese citizen.

Where Is Sweatcoin Available Today?

Currently you can install Sweatcoin in Australia, Canada, US, UK and Ireland. Check the link below to see if Sweatcoin has come to the App Store or Google Play in your country. Check often as we expect the app to launch in Brazil, Germany, France and Japan in the near future. 

Contact Sweatcoin Support

The Top Exercise App

Visit the iPhone App Store or Google Play Store for thousands of reviews. Sweatcoin currently has a 4.5 rating on both platforms. Full FAQ section located in the Sweatcoin App. Official Sweatcoin question contact email [email protected]

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