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When you click the link and follow us in the Sweatcoin App, you will be automatically entered in to our next Sweatcoin Give-Away. Past winners have received up to 500 coins. The winners and amounts are all randomly chosen. Club members will be notified with the in-app messaging feature and posted on our Sweatcoin Influencer affiliate page. We have given away thousands of coins to our followers. Whether you join our free club or not, you're encouraged to get outside and walk. Nothing better for your physical and mental health than to get walking, Make it even better by walking with Sweatcoin and earning.

Do indoor steps earn Sweatcoin?

The number one question we have gotten during the current Covid-19 (Coronavirus) crisis is regarding indoor steps earning Sweatcoin. Fortunately after the latest update, your indoor steps, including on a treadmill earn you Sweatcoin. It's important to remember while spending additional time inside your home that you continue to get exercise. Get on a treadmill and earn those Sweatcoin.

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After you install the app and get comfortable with how it works. You can earn additional coins, special rewards and cash. The Sweatcoin Influencer program is one of the strongest affiliate marketing programs we have found. Best part is you can really get behind this app, knowing it will improve your health and earn you money. There is no detailed sign-up process, simply invite friends from inside the app. When 30 app installs are referred by your custom affiliate link, you will automatically be  registered as an influencer.

Your Guide to Sweatcoin News and Updates

SweatCoin has 5 New Features Now Available

1All Updates listed are now active with latest App update (1/9/2020):

Update (November 26. 2019): Over the next week Sweatcoin will be announcing 5 new features to the app that will bring user experience and earnings to the next level. We will continue to update our readers on the latest update and the features it brings. Be sure to check to make sure you are running the latest version, which should be updated this coming Sunday. 

1. INDOOR STEPS WILL COUNT!! Rolling out initially for iPhone 7 or later users, Sweatcoin will begin to reward users for indoor steps (including treadmill steps). This has been one of the most requested App updates. The engineers have developed a new system for ensuring legitimate steps without utilizing GPS. Members using the app while working indoors should really appreciate this additional earnings opportunity. Expect to see this improvement coming for Android users in the near future.

2. Mystery Bonus. The Daily Bonus will be completely revamped. The new mystery bonus will reward users with the opportunity to win up to 25 sweatcoins everyday. Additionally for every 1000 steps taken, users will earn the opportunity to "spin" up to 3 times a day. This potentially means an additional 75 Sweatcoin per day for simply walking 3000 steps.

3. New Social Center. All your friends on the app in one place. This will allow for easier following of your friends and communicating in-app. We also expect the leader boards to be brought back, which we always enjoyed as one of the most motivational pieces of Sweatcoin. 2nd only to earning money and rewards!!

4. Prize Draw. Play quizzes to earn a chance to win amazing prizes. Kicking off the contest will be daily drawings from now till Christmas. Visit the app daily for your chance to win.

5. New Colors. The final feature of the 5 is a fresh new color scheme that changes every 2 hours with a total of 12 new looks. Keep things interesting!

If you has used Sweatcoin in the past and maybe deleted the app, we strongly recommend that you re-install here to take advantage of these huge improvements. 

Continued exponential growth has caused some slight growing pains for Sweatco as one might expect. We are talking about the fastest growing health and fitness app in Apple App store history. I've added this small section to remind all Sweatcoin users to be patient when contacting Sweatcoin Help . The other issue we have come across recently is regarding Sweatcoin Influencer PayPal rewards. While rewards say to expect payment in 48-72 business hours, we have found that due to the incredible growth, rewards may take up to a week to be paid. We encourage you to be patient, company has proven to be legit over the last 18 months and we don't expect anything to change. The one change we believe is delayed but will occur in the future is blockchain. The big payout will occur IF Sweatco can move the app to blockchain thus creating a freely trading cryptocurrency. Who knows if they can make it happen but if they do, you'll want to have been using Sweatcoin all along.

March Update: With the world at a standstill, Sweatcoin has certainly seen interest falloff in the last month. This is not a surprise as people have more important things to focus on. We encourage all of our members to find a way to continue to get some exercise. Most places are still allowing for outdoor walking but if you are uncomfortabe going out, walk indoors. Stay Healthy and Keep Earning Sweatcoin.

Sweatcoin Coronovirus email update (3/27/20) partial reprint:

Action 1:
Staying at home kit
Most of us are spending much more time at home now - so our needs have changed. That’s why we worked with key partners to bring you free or heavily discounted products and services that will come in handy when you can’t go out as much. Go on and check out the new “Staying at home” section of our marketplace. We will be adding more offers very soon.

Action 2:
Rewarding you for more than walking
Sweatcoin has always been about walking, and we still maintain it’s one of the best and most universal ways to keep you in good shape. At this time however, most of us are not able to keep our step numbers up, because of COVID-19 recommendations and our need to behave responsibly and avoid crowded locations. Consider wearing a Covid-19 Immunity Band. That’s why we are testing a new functionality: we will reward you for working out at home! Stay tuned for more info this week.

Action 3:
And a bonus for keeping it up
We understand that it is harder to walk in this situation, and we still want to reward your effort. So, we will reduce the amount of steps needed to get the Daily Bonus. It’s one of our most motivating features so we want it to still work for you. Plus, when you download our next app update, we will give you a one off 10 SWC bonus for your commitment to stay healthy!
This is what we have done so far. Please tell us if there's something more you wish Sweatcoin would do. We are here (“here”, as in, each one of us in our homes but working tirelessly) for you.


An additional exercise bonus has been added for the next 20 days (as of april 21, 2020). The bonus id based on the honor system, users receive 5 Sweatcoin for 20 minutes of any indoor exercise. Get the latest update and enjoy.

Learn about the 5 new features being added to the top fitness app. Walk and Earn.

Learn about the 5 new features being added to the top fitness app. Walk and Earn.

After 2 Years: Troublemaker Mode is Available

One of the most awaited features from the Sweatcoin App was the top earning level. For nearly 2 years it has been left as a question mark with few hints as to what it would be. Troublemaker has finally joined the other levels of activity known as Mover, Shaker, Quaker, Breaker and now... Troublemaker

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