How do I become a Sweatcoin Influencer?

The top question we get regarding the Sweatcoin App is; How do I join the Sweatcoin Affiliate program? The answer: You already are a member of the Sweatcoin affiliate program but what you really want to know is; How do I become a Sweatcoin Influencer. Influencers have the ability to purchase fiat currency from Sweatco ltd. with a combination of Sweatcoin and Invites. You will automatically become a Sweatcoin Influencer (and see the secret rewards menu in the app) when you have successfully invited 30 new users to install Sweatcoin. 

Sweatcoin Club Contest Winner!

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Oct. 30th 2018 - Winner 

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Second Contest Launched - Nov. 6th 2018

Follow me: HOWARD100 in the Sweatcoin App and you are automatically entered in our Sweatcoin give-away. 

Nov. 15th - 2nd Winner Announced!!

Congratulations to Victor!!

SWC user - DHRAGON.BALL has won 300 SWC!!

December 2nd Winner!

Congrats to SWC user: ALEXA0407

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December 25th Christmas Winner!!

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January 18, 2019 WINNER:

Congrats to Trudy513200

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Sweatcoin.Club Latest Contest Winner

Sweatcoin.Club Latest Contest Winner

Increased Value in Sweatcoin - Be an Influencer

Improved Sweatcoin referral program. Increased payments for new installs.

Sweatcoin Influencer Program

For the last 6+ months that we have participated in the Sweatcoin Influencer program (Affiliate program), members see a new rewards menu. You are upgraded by introducing 30 new users to the Sweatcoin App.

Sweatcoin has increased payments for members of the influencer program.

Affilaite Program Improvement

Influencers have always been paid $100 per 100 New Install and 500 Sweatcoin. This morning the program has been upgraded. Affiliates are now being paid $100 per 80 signups and 400 Sweatcoins. We do not know if the new offering is permanent or temporary but we hope it lasts.

Influencers earn big by referring friends and contacts to install the Sweatcoin App.

$1000 CASH for your Sweatcoins and Referrals

There is no limit to the number of times you can now cash out $1000. This is earned by introducing 800 new users and 4000 Sweatcoin. Seems like a lot but it is very do-able. Start introducing your friends to the #1 Fitness App and Earn even more.

Sweatcoin Affiliate Program

I haven't seen any reference to an "affiliate" program but that doesn't mean you can't earn for introducing your friends and network to Sweatcoin. All Sweatcoin members are given a specific URL for inviting people to install the App.