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Sweatcoin Value of Steps

Just read on Quora Sweatcoin:

“I don’t think anybody will care about how much sweat you’ve dripped and pounds you lost, but you.”

My Response:

Speak to anyone in the Health Insurance Industry, Government or Business and ask them if “they care” or “If there is value” in a healthier work force.
Any insurance company would gladly reduce rates if their customers walked 10,000 steps a day. Why not a system that rewards healthier (and ultimately more productive) employees.

With 11,000,000 installs (as of Aug. 1, 2018) and processing more transactions than Bitcoin on a daily basis, Sweatcoin is in a great position for an ICO.

With the companies 5% Sweatcoin commission on all steps, they are perfectly aligned with users.
When they set an initial exchange rate of earned Sweatcoin to Sweatcoin on Blockchain… You will see some 

If I’m wrong.. I walked more and maybe got a bit healthier.

If I’m right.. My cost basis of FREE is going to make me look like I knew something. Oh.. and a ton of cash

The Real Reward for Walking

Around the Sweatcoin Club community more and more of the conversations have gone to blockchain. We talk about the Sweatcoin to USD exchange rate. The potential for the coming Sweatcoin ICO. Often we lose sight of the most powerful feature of the app. It motivates people to get outside and exercise. There is huge value to our individual health and ultimately an impact on the health economy. There is real value in motivating people to walk.

Incredible Podcast Q&A with Sweatcoin Co-Founder Oleg Fomenko

If you want to really understand the vision and potential for Sweatcoin, set aside 88 minutes and listen to this incredible interview by StartupMicrodose. This is interview inspired us to go beyond users of the app and work to support the companies mission by creating Sweatcoin Club.

Sweatcoin - Paid to Walk App Video Review

Sweatcoin Review Video

Sweatcoin for Universal Basic Income

Sweatcoin as a tool towards Universal Basic Income (UBI). 

The move to Blockchain and a true cybercurrency.

The Sweatcoin Debate: Does Sweatcoin work indoors? Treadmill or Outside only?

"Next Steps" for Sweat Coin

After months as the #1 App in the Fitness and Exercise category in the UK and US, Sweatco. announced the arrival of Sweatcoin in Canada. Where do we see the app made available next? The logical move would seem to be Australia. My guess is that the sweatcoin app will take approximately 3 months to hit the top spot for free apps in Canada. Once that occurs, we should see Sweatcoin Australia launch. 

No Scams, No Hacks - Just Legit Free Money

  • Why Install Sweatcoin?
  • Is Sweatcoin a scam? 
  • No Hacks or Cheats
  • The Blockchain / Cybercurrency opportunity emerging from earning Sweatcoin Today.
  • The Long-Term Opportunity
  • Sweatcoin Review

Our latest Sweatcoin video below speaks to NO IN-APP Purchases. Free is Free!

Nothing like a video after a "walk"

Timing is Everything

Just a few reasons why NOW is the time to download and install SweatCoin.

  • Today is the PERFECT time to start exercising
  • Additional motivation to get outside - get Paid
  • The SweatCoin market is just forming
  • Sweatcoin has had over 7,000,000 downloads
  • The Sweatcoin app is currently ONLY available in the UK, US and Ireland
  • Countries are currently being added
  • More countries = more users = higher Sweatcoin prices
  • Sweatcoin is moving on to the blockchain = Tradeale currency
  • Real Growth hasn't even begun for this new cybercurrency
  • User growth to come shortly from Australia, Canada, Mexico, EU
  • Sweatcoin soon available in France, Germany, India, China

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Visit the iPhone App Store or Google Play Store for thousands of reviews. Sweatcoin currently has a 4.5 rating on both platforms. Full FAQ section located in the Sweatcoin App. Official Sweatcoin question contact email [email protected]

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