8 Reasons You Should Be Walking Outside

Walking outside is one of the best exercises you can do. Walking does everything from lowering your blood pressure to decreasing your risk of depression. And with apps like Sweatcoin and Lifecoin you can even get paid to walk. You're guaranteed to be racing to get outside once you read through this list!

1. Walking Makes You Happier

Although getting outside may not be so fun, after you actually get outside and start walking you start to feel that you accomplished something. Walking outside signals your body to release endorphins, which can improve your mood and make you more positive. As you log your steps and miles your body releases endorphins such as serotonin and dopamine. In turn those chemicals lift your mood and give you a “natural high”.  Research shows that people who participate in outdoor activity get more satisfaction and more enjoyment than from any  indoor exercise program. 

2. Walking Lowers Your Blood Pressure

As you walk your heart pumps faster and pumps more blood. Over time your heart becomes able to pump more blood faster which then lowers your blood pressure. In one study women who walked just 2 miles a day saw an 11 point drop in their blood pressure! Another study showed that having a regular walking regimen can decrease your risk of a heart attack by 35%. 

3. Walking lowers your risk of lung cancer

Routinely walking has been proven to lower your chances of getting lung cancer by up to 30%. Walking can even decrease the chance of getting lung cancer in smokers. You don’t need to avoid exercise even if you have experienced exercise-induced asthma. You just need to find a way to do the right exercise in the right conditions. The American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology says walking, swimming, golfing and biking, is the best way to exercise if you have sports induced asthma. If you have sports induced asthma, you should be looking for activities you can do in warm weather and don’t require a large amount of endurance. Although, you should not be walking outside for an extended period of time if the area you live in is highly polluted. 

4. Walking can strengthen your bones

Bone density is probably not one of the most exciting health benefits of walking, but it is probably one of the most important ones.  People with stronger bones tend to have a lower chance of getting osteoporosis and the many other problems that come with osteoporosis like fractures, disability, and spine shrinkage. One of the best ways to get yourself strong, healthy bones is by doing weight-bearing exercises such as running, dancing and of course, walking. Researchers have also found that people that routinely walk for more than six months had significantly better bone density and hip density.

5. Walking makes you feel more creative

Ran out of ideas? You should take a quick walk around the block. Whether you need a solution to a homework problem, work out a kink in a piece of code, or you’re looking for inspiration for your novel, walking almost always gets your creative juices flowing.  Research has shown that people who are up and moving around are more likely to be creative than people who are sitting down. One study by Stanford University found that walking outdoors can boost creative output by up to 60 percent. The creative boost you get from walking even can last hours after the walk itself. Spending time outdoors is a great way to get your creative juices flowing

6. Walking can reduce stress levels

We all live in a very stressful world where it seems like we can’t get away. And that takes a serious toll on your mental and your physical health. Luckily, walking has been proven as one of the fastest, most useful ways to calm down. According to a study by the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, something as simple as a 10-minute outdoor walk does the exact same thing as a 45-minute workout, at least in terms of reducing anxiety and depression. Walking outdoors gets cortisol ( Also known as the “stress hormone”), out of your system and also helps stop the flow of never-ending worries floating around in your mind.

7. Walking can help you sleep better

Getting a solid eight hours of sleep every night is probably one of the most important things you can do to help your health. But sometimes that’s easier said than done. Luck for you, a daily walk is all that you need. The Sleep Foundation has found that people who participated in activities such as walking and running on a daily basis, fell asleep more quickly, slept longer, and had a much better quality of sleep than those who did strenuous exercises or lifted weights. 

8. Walking instead of going to a gym can save you money

Fitness can be very, very pricey! It costs a lot of money for a gym membership, home exercise equipment, workout clothes, and shoes. Everything adds up, but does it really have to? Walking requires absolutely nothing to start doing, you don’t even need shoes! But walking on a daily basis still provides great health benefits. And not only does it save you money on things like a gym membership or exercise equipment, it also saves you money in the healthcare industry. According to a study by the Journal of the American Heart Association, those who exercised regularly saved very large amounts of money when it comes to healthcare costs compared to those who didn’t meet the minimum weekly exercise requirements set by there health insurer (30 minutes or more of moderate to intense aerobic activity five days a week, or at least 25 minutes of vigorous aerobic activity three days a week). 

Apps like Sweatcoin

Steps Cash and Step Bet App

With the worldwide phenomenon that Sweatcoin is on the verge of becoming (or by some estimations has already become) a few similar apps have be brought to our attention. We haven't done much digging to determine if one of these players was being developed or launched before Sweatcoin. In this article we will give short reviews and information on a few of these similar apps including BitWalk (Formally BitWalking), Cash for Steps and Step Bet (Created by WayBetter, Inc. makers of Diet Bet, SweatBet and Run Bet).

First we will answer the question you want to ask. Can you Install and Use Sweatcoin while using one of these similar "pay to walk" apps?
Yes, You can run Sweatcoin and similar apps on your phone.
We went a step further and installed all of the apps in this article and the Fitbit App. There was definitely a noticeable difference in battery life. This was not surprising considering we had 5 apps accessing the iPhones pedometer and GPS in addition to all the apps I normally have installed on my phone. We ran these apps on an iPhone 6S for 2 weeks. During that time I did not have any crashes or shutdowns. All of the apps seem to function as they were developed to perform.

BitWalk - Not Available on the App store. It appears BitWalking had been launched and for some reason removed from the app store. We found some articles but nothing that spoke to why the app was no longer available. It appears they are relaunching as BitWalk and accepting email addresses on their website to be a Beta users or be informed when it becomes available again.

Cash For Steps - Every Step gets counted with Cash for Steps but there is a large element of luck involved in earning any money from the Cash for Steps App. You receive points for all steps and various Social Sharing tasks. 5 of the 50 Top point earners each day are randomly chosen to win a dollar. Yep.. One Dollar if you are one of five chosen from the 50 most active. No value for my time there but interesting concept none the less. Sticking with Sweatcoin. Another factor in keeping SWC on the top of our list is the functionality on the Apple Watch. 

Step Bet -  Waybetter Inc. has created an interesting group of apps that allow users to pool money for challenges and payout to the participants that complete the established goals. Goals are set based on past performance. Step Bet algorithm will determine your goals. Goals for each game participant are individualized. Most games are $40 but can go up to a few hundred. Private games can be more or as little as $30 per player. All players that complete their goals get at least their initial bet back. In most cases people do not complete thier assigned workout. That money goes in to the winners pool. If you create a game and it fills, your entrance fee is free but again the payoff probably isn't there. Maybe just for fun.. we'll sponsor a pool with out members.


Sweatco working with the Charity Miles App

We have written about some of the other "pay to walk" app competitors of Sweatcoin. One that was just brought to our attention is Charity Miles. Surprisingly it appeared in multiple retweets and social media posts from the official Sweatcoin accounts. Sweatco has been sponsoring users of Charity Miles, helping individuals raise money for more than 40 not-for-profits that receive donations based on steps walk, run or miles rode on bicycle. We have not done a deep dive in to Charity Miles but we love the concept and are super excited that they are working with Sweatcoin. You can now continue to earn for walking  and basically double the value of those steps through donations through Charity Miles. Pretty Awesome!! Check it out!

Yes Theory, Seek Discomfort and Sweatcoin (we hope)

We're hoping that by the time you read this article a partnership has already been announced. Recently a Sweatcoin user suggested that Sweatco partner with a movement, Yes Theory and a brand, Seek Discomfort. The success Yes Theory has had on Instagram is the perfect partnership with the Sweatcoin App. The founders of Yes Theory have launched Seek Discomfort, a clothing brand that aligns with the movements ideals. The 3 way combination would be very powerful. We are looking for folks (at the request of the Sweatco team) to reach out to Yes Theory and introduce them to Sweatcoin through Instagram or Twitter. 

Join Sweatcoin to Earn while Seeking Discomfort on your next Yes Theory adventure.

Sweatcoin Value of Steps

Just read on Quora Sweatcoin:

“I don’t think anybody will care about how much sweat you’ve dripped and pounds you lost, but you.”

My Response:

Speak to anyone in the Health Insurance Industry, Government or Business and ask them if “they care” or “If there is value” in a healthier work force.
Any insurance company would gladly reduce rates if their customers walked 10,000 steps a day. Why not a system that rewards healthier (and ultimately more productive) employees.

With 11,000,000 installs (as of Aug. 1, 2018) and processing more transactions than Bitcoin on a daily basis, Sweatcoin is in a great position for an ICO.

With the companies 5% Sweatcoin commission on all steps, they are perfectly aligned with users.
When they set an initial Sweatcoin Exchange rate on Blockchain… You will see some 

If I’m wrong.. I walked more and maybe got a bit healthier.

If I’m right.. My cost basis of FREE is going to make me look like I knew something. Oh.. and a ton of cash

The Real Reward for Walking

Around the Sweatcoin Club community more and more of the conversations have gone to blockchain. We talk about the Sweatcoin to USD exchange rate. The potential for the coming Sweatcoin ICO. Often we lose sight of the most powerful feature of the app. It motivates people to get outside and exercise. There is huge value to our individual health and ultimately an impact on the health economy. There is real value in motivating people to walk.

Incredible Podcast Q&A with Sweatcoin Co-Founder Oleg Fomenko

If you want to really understand the vision and potential for Sweatcoin, set aside 88 minutes and listen to this incredible interview by StartupMicrodose. This is interview inspired us to go beyond users of the app and work to support the companies mission by creating Sweatcoin Club.

Sweatcoin - Paid to Walk App Video Review

Sweatcoin Review Video

Sweatcoin for Universal Basic Income

Sweatcoin as a tool towards Universal Basic Income (UBI). 

The move to Blockchain and a true cybercurrency.

The Sweatcoin Debate: Does Sweatcoin work indoors? Treadmill or Outside only?

"Next Steps" for Sweat Coin

After months as the #1 App in the Fitness and Exercise category in the UK and US, Sweatco. announced the arrival of Sweatcoin in Canada. Where do we see the app made available next? The logical move would seem to be Australia. My guess is that the sweatcoin app will take approximately 3 months to hit the top spot for free apps in Canada. Once that occurs, we should see Sweatcoin Australia launch. 

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Our latest Sweatcoin video below speaks to NO IN-APP Purchases. Free is Free!

Nothing like a video after a "walk"

Timing is Everything

Just a few reasons why NOW is the time to download and install SweatCoin.

  • Today is the PERFECT time to start exercising
  • Additional motivation to get outside - get Paid
  • The SweatCoin market is just forming
  • Sweatcoin has had over 20,000,000 downloads
  • The Sweatcoin App is currently ONLY available in the UK, US and Ireland
  • Countries are currently being added
  • More countries = more users = higher SWC prices
  • Sweatcoin is moving on to the blockchain = Tradeale currency
  • Real Growth hasn't even begun for this new cybercurrency
  • User growth to come shortly from Australia, Canada, Mexico, EU
  • Available in France, Germany, Turkey
  • Huge increase in users as the #1 App for the Apple Watch.

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