The App that Pays You to Walk

Let me guess.. A buddy passed a comment about this new app they were using, it sounded cool but you forgot the name. Maybe you were at the airport and saw an article that listed ways to make money for walking. Now here you are after searching "App that pays you to walk" or maybe "Free Exercise App to make money".

That App that you were trying to remember is called Sweatcoin.

I can't recommend enough that you install Sweatcoin through the button below. Once you install Sweatcoin, send us a note through the contact page. We will send you a free sweatcoin as a thank you for downloading the app through Sweatcoin.Club

Sweatcoin Issues and Problems

Me and Fred..Putting thoughts on tape and earning Sweatcoins. The talking in the back is a joke.. kinda. Great business lesson to be learned in giving away a great product for free. I've come to the conclusion that when Apps are free, users value them less and COMPLAIN about them more. Sweatco is offering a free product to motivate you to get healthier and earn money. Somehow every other tweet and instagram comment are people complaining. Just turn on the app, WALK  and SAVE your earned SWC!!

How much can I earn with the Sweatcoin App

In our instant gratification world people with patience have a huge advantage. Many people are told about the app that pays you to walk. They quickly install Sweatcoin and make an extra effort to walk for the next week or two. Often these folks with look at the App 4-5 times a day or after every walk from the car to the store. They quickly get disappointed when they realize that their Sweatcoin hasn't made them rich. Think  about how silly that is.. but it happens (and we hear about it) everyday. Here's the best advice I can give to anyone interested in getting pais to walk with the Sweatcoin App. Install the App, leave it running in the background and wait. Just keep the app running (in the background of your smartphone) and walk, jog and live your life. One day you will see a news story that SWC (Sweatcoin currency) has been moved to blockchain and is now trading on an exchange in Chicago. That day.. when you open Sweatcoin and see that you have accumulated thousands of SWC.. Send me a note and thank me. The drinks are on you. 

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